PortrAid: I see you learn

“Art Aided Charity” Project

The problem

In Morocco, seven years of schooling is compulsory everywhere, but when the children from the small mountain villages start school, most of them have never seen a book. This educational alienation often leads to children ending their school career at the end of compulsory education, i.e. before it has really begun. As a result, overall educational attainment does not change, even though mothers express a strong desire to improve their children’s job prospects through better education.

The idea

Portraid.org is an “Art Aided Charity” project initiated by the ABURY Foundation and photographer Thomas Rusch. The idea is simple: with the help of photography, problems are to be artistically depicted and solved. The unique portrait of a person is sold, and the proceeds directly solve the problem of the person in the picture: PortrAid.

Website: www.portraid.org

Project start

2016 (end of project: 2018)

Project locations

Morocco, Germany

Project goal

To finance preschool for children in the Atlas Mountains


Through PortrAid, 30 children were financed for two years of preschool.

Project partner

ZMYK, Hiltawsky Gallery, Design Offices, nhb, open eyes

The second PortrAid project: "I see you learn"


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