PortrAid: Get art. Give work.

“Art Aided Charity” Project

The problem

Spinning and weaving by hand is a centuries-old craft in Ethiopia. However, due to the increasing availability of mass-produced textiles from home and abroad, this craft is slowly disappearing. Ethiopian artisans, whether women or men, are rarely able to earn a decent salary or engage in regular work. Although the cotton quality in Ethiopia is excellent and yarns are spun and dyed there, one of their problems is to buy good working materials such as looms to produce high quality fabrics that could provide them with a better and fairer income to support their families.

The idea

Portraid.org is an “Art Aided Charity” project initiated by the ABURY Foundation and photographer Thomas Rusch. The idea is simple: with the help of photography, problems are to be artistically depicted and solved. The unique portrait of a person is sold, and the proceeds directly solve the problem of the person in the picture: PortrAid.

Website: www.portraid.org

Project start

2017 (end of project: 2018)

Project locations

Ethiopia, Germany

Project goal

Provide families in Ethiopia with high quality weaving frames so they can work


Through PortrAid, 38 families were financed high-quality looms.

Project partner

ZMYK, Hiltawsky Gallery, Design Offices, nhb, open eyes

The second PortrAid project: "Get art. Give work.


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