Literacy program for women

Basic education for women


In 2012, we first wanted to find out what the state of education in the Berber village of Douar Anzal was like. We interviewed all the residents. We found that 78% of the women are illiterate, and 80% are unemployed. Among men, the picture looked much better, but not really good either – about 75% of men could read and write, and the unemployment rate was 18% (with many working as day laborers on construction sites).

Our approach

In search of a teacher, the village elders presented us with a young man from the village. He enjoys the trust of all the villagers and has a basic education as a teacher. After further training, he has been running the literacy program for the women in Arabic since 2013. Likewise, the women learn basic French.

Project start


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The women enjoy their greater independence as they can read street signs, letters, etc. themselves. In our survey, however, the following argument was cited most often by women: “We can read the package inserts for our children’s medications and generally understand doctor’s papers better.” Some women start a French course on their own initiative, as it makes them more independent.

Project partner

Lahcen Ididi (teacher), Communauté de femmes et loisirs