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The Team: Women for Women

With passion, enthusiasm and professionalism for women and girls

“It was only through living in Marrakech that I realized how lucky I was to have been born a woman in Germany. It was only here that I realized that the freedom to decide for yourself how to dress, what to learn or who to love is not a given.” Quote by Andrea Bury

Out of this feeling, the ABURY Foundation was born in 2011. With Heike Janssen, Britt Hess and Petra Hoffmann, Andrea has been joined by three experienced female entrepreneurs and together they form the heart of the ABURY Foundation. The common goal: to help as many girls and women as possible to develop more self-confidence and to accompany them on their way to greater financial independence.

Introducing the ABURY family

Andrea Bury

CEO, Founder

Petra Hoffmann

CPO / Cooperations

Heike Janssen

Finances / Donations

Britt Hess

Fundraising / Circle of Friends

Lara Petersen

Digital Marketing / Website

Laura Bültmann

Project Manager

Lilien Krammer

Project Manager

How we work

Our values


For us, trust means empowerment by trusting someone to do something. Trust is motivation.


We believe in dealing with people honestly and in open communication. Honesty is transparency.


We meet every person at eye level. Respect is appreciation.


We love the diversity of cultures and want to learn with and from each other. Curiosity is inquisitiveness.

Voices from the team

Economic inequality around the world is still extreme. We know from many studies that a diverse team-led economy is more efficient, socially and environmentally sustainable. In this context, empowering women is not just a gender issue, it is about preserving our planet.

Andrea BuryCEO / Gründerin

The diversity of cultures, traditions, beauties and courage of many women in the world have my deep respect. Too often women are not given the opportunity to contribute to visions. No education, no choice, no chance: Everyone should have a chance and everyone has the right to it.

Petra HoffmannCPO / Kooperationen