PortrAid: I see you see

“Art Aided Charity” Project

The problem

In countries like Morocco, cataracts are a common disease among craftsmen. Because of this eye condition, they are unable to practice their craft and earn a living. It also becomes increasingly difficult to pass on knowledge of their craft as the cataract condition worsens, posing an invisible threat to the region’s culture and heritage.

There is a simple surgery that can give them back their sight and livelihood. The surgery is neither complicated nor expensive, but for these families even a simple operation is not affordable.

The idea

Portraid.org is an “Art Aided Charity” project initiated by the ABURY Foundation and photographer Thomas Rusch. The idea is simple: with the help of photography, problems are to be artistically depicted and solved. The unique portrait of a person is sold, and the proceeds directly solve the problem of the person in the picture: PortrAid.

Website: www.portraid.org

Project start

2015 (project end: 2017)

Project locations

Morocco, Germany

Project goal

Artisans* give their eyesight back through surgery.


Through PortrAid, 80 cataract surgeries were made possible for people in Morocco.

  • Eurobest 2015-Festival of European Creativity. Short list. Category: healthcare: Fundraising & Advocacy
  • CLIO Healthcare Awards 2015: Bronze Category: Digital/Social
  • Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2015: Category:Social Responsibility
  • LIA 2015-London International Awards. Double Bronze. Category: Design
  • German Digital Award 2016. Bronze. Category: Digital Advertising Campaigns-Cross-Media Campaign
Project partner

Eschenbach, Brian Cave, National Geographic, Nhb, open eyes

The first PortrAid project: "I see you see"


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