Preschool for children

Basic education for the youngest


At the beginning of our work with the women in Douar Anzal, we asked them what was most important to them, what dreams they had. And all the women said, “Education for our children.” Compulsory education is only for 7 years and most of them are not very demanding in terms of quality. Besides, there is no kindergarten or preschool. As a result, many children have great difficulty starting school and lose important years.

Our approach

We are starting a preschool for 3-6 year old children. Here they learn the Arabic and Roman alphabets, first words and sentences in Arabic and French, as well as the number range up to 100 in a playful way, but according to school requirements. In addition there is a day every week on the theme of the environment / nature.

Project start


Project location



The director of the local school has confirmed to us that the children who have been with us in the preschool over the last 10 years are always the best in their classes (the children in the school come together from several village communities). The first children who graduated from ABURY preschool are already adults today. Some girls are now in the ABURY Teenage Girls Club.

Project partner

Lahcen Ididi (Teacher)

The children make music with singer Namika


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