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Welcome to the ABURY Circle of Friends

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. African Proverb

We believe in doing things TOGETHER. We bring people from different cultures together and learn from each other. The focus of our work is on supporting disadvantaged women and children. We would be delighted if you would like to join us on this journey and become part of our growing community.

This is where your money goes

What you donate for

100% of your donation goes directly to our projects. With your support we can move current projects forward and initiate new projects. Let’s create great things together! The Circle of Friends helps us to enter into long-term projects. For example, we have been able to pay the salaries of our teachers in the schools through the Circle of Friends since 2022. In this way, together we create security and sustainability for the implementation of the projects. Every euro counts and takes us further on the path to achieving more equality, education and exchange worldwide.

This is what you will get back

Your advantages

If you donate a regular amount, you become a member of our Circle of Friends. We meet once a year in Berlin and regularly via Zoom. This way you can actively contribute your ideas and meet exciting people with a passion to change the world. All members receive our annual project report and detailed information on how our funds are used. You will also be mentioned by name on our website as a supporter, receive an invitation to all ABURY Foundation events and of course a donation receipt.

You want to join our Circle of Friends or have questions in advance?

Britt, your contact person for all questions concerning the Circle of Friends, is looking forward to your message.

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Our friends

Alicia Bravo
Alison Rippier
Amy Silberzahn
Angelika Wagner
Angelica von der Decken
Anna Lauerbach-Kalff
Anne Schmieder
Barbara Hoffmann
Carolyn Fenn-Evans
Dr. Christina Limbird
Christine Besselmann
Christine Kastens
Test Test

Christine Singer
Christine Teirich
Claudia Steinbach
Cornelia Schneider
Doris Mengering
Dr. Florian Langenscheidt
Francesca Schiano
Frank Schmidt
Giti Nourbakhsch
Grit Pannier
Dr. Holger Janssen
Dr. Jan Hundgeburth
Jamal Amir

Jens Leonhäuser
Julia Maria Kunze
Dr. Julia Szantho von Radnoth
Dr. Julie Klippgen
Karin Creydt
Kathrin Petersen
Lara Petersen
Leonie Bechthold
Lilien Emily Krammer
Marcus Lehmann
Monika Turnwald
Najma Bani
Natascha Hoffner

Peter Gerhard Heptner
Richard Stummer
Sabine Lösche
Sandra Schneider-Neelmeyer
Suzana Holtgrave
Sybille Terrahe
Thomas Rusch
Tina Wehrmann
Tobias Grewe
Ursula Hertlein
Vera Marques Silva
Vera Quadt
Dr. Wolfgang Görlich