“Being a Woman is a Superpower” – Campaign on International Women’s Day

“Designed & made with love” – that’s what CODELLO scarves are mainly handmade from drawing to production. And that fits perfectly with ABURY.

The collaboration between CODELLO and the ABURY Foundation began with the development of a shawl for World Women’s Day 2023. With this unique cloth, we celebrated the strength, independence, diversity and passion of women on Women’s Day. And 20% of the cloth’s sales were donated to the ABURY Foundation for the ABURY Teenage Girls Club.

The promotion was played out as a social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram and supported by numerous influencers.

And because the cooperation was so much fun and at the same time successful and did good things, it continues! But you won’t find out how until shortly before the next Women’s Day (March 8).

Start of the cooperation


Main focus

Product development, campaigning “International Women’s Day”, fundraising, raffle, travel