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In 2019, we helped the HILO SAGRADO Foundation in Colombia to raise funds for the Wayuú in Germany. Thanks to the numerous supporters, HILO SAGRADO was able to give the people of this matriarchal, indigenous group in northern Colombia access to clean water and solar energy. In addition, 1,441 school children were provided with learning materials.

The Wayuú were to receive support so that the community could better care for their families and the people could further develop their handicraft skills. As a partner of HILO SAGRADO, the ABURY Foundation was mainly involved in the sub-project “Water is Life”. For one week, 42 Biosand water filters were installed. The cement filters are filled with a special sand that filters impurities. After this process, the filtered water is 98 percent clean. The local people were then shown how to maintain the filters and how they can build them themselves in the future.

About the HILO SAGRADO Foundation: Since 2013, HILO SAGRADO has been implementing a model of inclusive development that recognises the rich cultural heritage and value of artisan communities in Latin America and specifically empowers women to improve their quality of life. Education, economic promotion and sustainable development are the stated goals of HILO SAGRADO, in relation to the communities with which the foundation works. They should be able to support themselves. Women are provided with the necessary tools to become micro-entrepreneurs, to take responsibility for their own work and to escape what is sometimes extreme poverty. You can find out more about HILO SAGRADO here:

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