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We establish BECOMING NALA – a digital networking platform for women in Rwanda.

The women there need access to information on the way to entrepreneurship. The hybrid matching platform and community offers exchange, training, inspiration, networking and mentorship. Mentors (big sisters) support mentees (startup sisters) and can learn from each other and benefit from each other’s experiences.

No matter what stage of entrepreneurship, our BECOMING NALA network connects women with the resources and information they need. In our sisterhood they will find a safe space for personal and professional empowerment and growth.

Our vision: The first step is Rwanda, then many other countries should follow. And for that we need your support!

With BECOMING NALA, we were selected from 200 applicants by the BMZ (The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) and given start-up funding for the project until the end of March. However, we cannot yet bear our entire costs for the project. That is why we are looking for further larger donations from foundations, companies or private individuals.

We would be happy to present the project to you personally in detail: write us to


We are convinced that together we can achieve so much more!


Andrea, Britt, Heike