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We are happy about every donation for our project!


Until the GivingTuesday fundraiser on November 29th, 2022 you can donate to the ABURY TEENAGE GIRLS CLUB via the donation platform spenden.givingtuesday under the following link:

We believe that empowered girls become strong women who strengthen their families, their communities and their nation. That’s why we founded the ABURY TEENAGE GIRLS CLUB in Douar Anzal and neighboring villages. We support girls between the ages of 13 and 17 with an initiative that empowers girls to become active themselves, develop self-confidence and become a strong voice for integration, equal opportunities and democracy.

In the next three years, we will set up a training system that, in the next step, can be continued by local women and girls independently of us. In the first step, two women from the village are being trained as coaches in order to pass on the learning program. At the end of the training, everyone receives a box with learning materials. According to the empowerment program, the trained women then lead 20 girls through the learning program in 25 teaching units of one hour each. The women who lead the workshop receive an expense allowance. A new group of 20 girls starts the learning program every six months. After graduation, the girls can continue to exchange ideas once a week in a protected room, their trainers remain their mentors. Some of the girls can then be trained to become coaches themselves, so helping people to help themselves becomes a circulatory system that can also be established in other villages.

We are working on the project together with the established Moroccan foundation “Project Soar”, which has already trained many women to become coaches.

We thank you for your support!