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Atlas Sewing School

The first ABURY sewing school was founded in our village, Douar Anzal, in June 2011.

The construction of the school was made possible by the ABURY Foundation and the implementation of a Microcredit. This way, the schoolroom actually belongs to the community, and because of their involvement with the entire process, they feel responsible and proud.

Shortly after the sewing school opened, we had 70 girls and women wanting to register for the lessons. Finally, we were able to accommodate 20 women in the training group. A teacher came especially from Marrakech and slept in the village. The incredible heartwarming hospitality of the Berbers was demonstrated, with the female students offering the teacher to spend each week of the training course in one of their houses.

After two years, the quality of the women’s sewing had reached such an exceptional level they emenated confindence and a warm feeling of accomplishment. The next step was approaching tailors in Marrakesh and connecting them to the women, so in the future, they would be able to use their skills and independently find work opportunities.

Since the completition of this project, the school space is used for the literacy course for women and pre-school children. More information about this can be found under Literacy Program for Women.