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A strong educational establishment is crucial, but it is also particularly important to involve the whole community into the process of analyzing and assessing the major needs that might be stopping them from becoming more sustainable, healthy and productive.

Community Engagement is essential to the success of any development project, and it has, from the beginning, been an integral part of the work the ABURY Foundation engages in. By establishing an honest and transparent dialogue with the people of the Dour Anazl village, we are able to identify and activate important actions that result in positive change for all.

Since the beginning of our work, the distance to clean water has reduced from 10km away from the village to having access to clean tap water in their homes. We encouraged and increased environmental awareness with trash collection activities and developed health-related workshops.
Education is not only a right but also a passage to human development. It contributes to fostering peace and economic growth as well as improving health and reducing poverty. Nevertheless, many people living in remote areas still do not have access to education – in particular women and girls are suffering from a lack of opportunities.

Through early investment in children’s development, we can support them in having a respectable start in life – helping them to become independent, self-confident and be a positive human wanting to shape the world for the better.

When talking with women – no matter in which country we were – their major concern was always to get a good education for their children so that they would have a better life with more options to choose from.

Our focus is to provide pre-school education and to create a support system that allows the kids to have a good start in their schooling career – we want to show them how wonderful curiosity can be, and above all, how fun learning can truly be!
We believe that if you empower a woman by improving social, economic and educational opportunities there will be a ripple effect of development across the community, contributing to make change happen!

„Investing in a woman means investing in the future of her children, family and the community.“

Before we started working in Douar Anzal, Morocco (a village community about 90 minutes from Marrakesh in the Atlas Mountains), we did a zero measurement study of education and work opportunities in the region. The result was shocking: Almost 80% of the women were illiterate and the same quota did not have permanent work, demonstrating clearly, that a focus in education would be the basis for employment and independence.

Basic literacy training is the foundation of our work – but it does not stop there. We encourage the women to be self-sustainable by getting work opportunities so that in the long-term they can operate independently of us and be self-sufficient. The focus lies, among other things, on craft work training, which allows them to make carpets and bags.

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